AKAMPA Tanbull: Is Gen Muhoozi Keinerugaba the next anointed CiC or we discuss the transition strategy as a Country?

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Well, last week I wrote an article on whether the Muhoozi Project is real or Utopia? I got several reactions from both the public and those who specifically support Lt Gen Muhoozi Keinerugaba to stand for President come 2026.

Whereas most feedback from the public was generally attached with emotional and abusive feelings or sentiments, some saying that Uganda is not a monarch others attacked me with all sorts of dirty words like “f**k you”, go to hell and others that I may not write here. Others accused me of being a Promoter of the so-called Muhoozi Project even when I just wanted to receive feedback and get honest views about the transition strategy that this country Uganda has been waiting for.

Those of us who were on President Museveni’s campaign trails for the 2021 general elections or even us the trainers of voter protectors and the vote protectors/ agents and mobilizers know what exactly am talking about. (a story for another time though I hope Mr. Moses Byaruhanga Senior Presidential Advisor on Politics gets to read this line).

Each and every new day, there is something new about Afande Muhoozi Keinerugaba especially on new digital platforms or social media, a number of people with his photo as a profile picture are increasing each and every day.
Each and every tweet he makes, likes skyrocket as well re-tweets go high. So I picked interest and asked the question. Is Muhoozi Project real or Utopia?

The answer is yes, it is so real though being fronted by timid people whose interests/agenda are not yet clear, who seem not so coordinated neither organized.

Who has a challenge with branding strategy and in fact, this group has so far proven that the Generation of H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is by far the most bold, organized, strategic, and well-coordinated group Uganda has ever had and might be the last on planet earth. These young Turks would carry out both Overt and covert mobilization and operations when even Mr. Museveni was still serving in the Government he wanted to take over as the head.

They would continue to carry out their struggle whether Mr Museveni was in the Country or not, recruitments would move on across the Country even when they had no clearer means of communication, poor mobility due to poor road infrastructure. The generation of President Museveni was indeed so courageous, smart, loyal, and patriotic. These could be reasons President Obote branded them as bandits!

These traits seem to be missing from the camp working in the Kitchen to front Gen MK as the next CiC. They Photoshop even where it is not necessary.

Ask them why one should support Gen MK for President, 80% will tell you for National Resistance Movement’s (NRM) continuity, to consolidate the achievements then you ask yourself, wait a minute!
Do Ugandans vote for President Museveni because he is a NRM party Chairman or do they vote for him as an individual?
Because if Ugandans were voting for NRM as a party, we would not be having independents in Parliament, neither would President Museveni get more votes in some constituencies than Members of Parliament.

This is simple logic, Ugandans have voted for President Museveni as an individual, not because of his party NRM.

The other, reason they give is that MK is a career army officer thus Uganda’s peace is guaranteed! Peace can only be guaranteed by God, People/Citizens, and the security apparatus in place and not by an army officer. Actually, most/many countries headed by civilian Presidents are much more peaceful than those headed by military men and Women.

The MK camp, therefore, needs to make more research and have facts to tell Ugandans on their fingertips than beating around the bush.

Those in the kitchen promoting Afande Muhoozi Keinerugaba for President need to hype their game, package right information, at the right time, and give it out in the right place to the right audience.

Sooner or later we might have to go back on the drawing board to discuss Uganda’s transition strategy from President Museveni’s leadership to another President,

Who knows, I might be the next CiC!

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