Opinion: Is Muhoozi Project real or Utopian?

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Well, I bring you greetings from my humble village of Kahengye. Here are people are coming out of a hard, hot dry season, with a few drops of rain, some have started planting beans and others will soon start sawing millet.

Even though I have tried to discourage many of my neighbors from growing millet since they have small pieces of land in a town council, they should plant crops that can bring in cash faster like vegetables, beans, and others.

As well keep animals that have faster multiplier effects like piggery, zero grazing cows for milk, Poultry, Rabbits etc!
I have sounded like an alien amongst my people! But I will not give up. (This will be a piece for another time).

Today, let us look at the #Muhoozi project, is it real? Or it is Utopian theory?

On several occasions, I have tried to get to do an interview with the man himself, Afande Muhoozi Keinerugaba but all in vein!

I have talked to people who seem to be close or promoting the MK project like Mr. Andrew Mwenda, Mr. Balaam Barugahare ( who seems to be coordinating the Friends of MK initiative) as well Kamukama and Lwanga who happen to be bombarding tweeter with the Muhoozi Project, on a daily basis these guys out of 10 tweeps they make, 7/8 are talking or promoting the Muhoozi brand!

These days we have even seen Afande Muhoozi Keinerugaba’s t-shirts increase in the public being donned on by beautiful ladies as well Mr. Andrew Mwenda, Balaam Barugahare and group as well increased posters presenting Afande MK as a courageous leader, as well posters that he will stand for the number one CEO of this Country Uganda.

Well, I have tried to contact most of these people and no one seems confident/bold enough to tell you whether the project is real or not.

This group can never even accept an interview on/about the Muhoozi Project! They shy away from the brand they are trying to promote!

They will only tell you how he is just a good leader and a friend, then you ask yourself how many people print t-shirts for their friends just for public display? What kind of friendship could this be?

Who are the friends of MK and what are their objectives?

Could this just be a scheme to get to hear what Ugandans think about Afande MK or it is a deliberate move to make him an appealing brand to the public?

Let Afande Muhoozi Keinerugaba come out and openly, boldly tell the public whether he is interested in standing for President of this country in the near future or not.
So that we start profiling his achievements for Ugandans to accept the brand.

I request that Afande MK breaks the silence and tell us whether you are the one sanctioning the designing, printing of posters and t-shirts we see trending online and in the public.

As concerned citizens, we need to know whether the posters/t-shirts are being done by mafias with their own interests or not? This we want to know as Ugandans and since you are a Public servant, it is fundamental that you give us the right information or clear airwaves.

And in the interest of Ugandans, We would like to request to have an interview with you on this subject matter, I hope your handlers or you read this request and respond accordingly.

AKAMPA Tanbull

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