Election Petition: Jubilations in Bamunanika as Court dismisses case against MP Ssekitoleko

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Jubilations in Bamunanika as Court dismisses case against MP Ssekitoleko Robert , Bamunanika constituency. Whisper Eye News

The high court in Kampala has dismissed the case of Matabi a Boda Boda rider from Bamunanika county who accusesd Robert Ssekitoleko (NUP) of bribing voters before and on polling day.

Mr Matabi who is believed to be a proxy of Minister JC Muyingo had his case dismissed after court discovering that he was not a voter in the area after even failing to bring forward his voter ID for verification.

Mr. Ssekitoleko has said that Matabi was being fronted by state Minister for higher education Hon JC Muyingo whom he defeated horribly in the just-concluded January polls.

According to Ssekitoleko’s lawyer Hon Medard Ssegona,this Boda Boda rider even failed to mention the polling station he voted from an indication he was a man who was shipped from afar area to come and accuse Hon Ssekitoleko of bribery.

Hon Medard Ssegona, speaking to media after dismissal of the case

Hon Ssekitoleko has asked Minister Muyingo to stop playing cat games and accept the defeat because its the people of Bamunanika who decided to end his 10-year tenure as MP.

“In 2011, the people of Bamunanika voted for him, same for 2016. This time they decided not to because they were tired of him.

I advise him to stop playing such wired games and accept the fact that I defeated him because of the will of the people. If he feels he is man enough, let him wait for 2026.” Ssekitoleko said

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