Masaka Killings: Kiwanda, NRM’s Sewaava visit families of panga (Bijambiya) victims in Masaka region

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Hon Kiwanda, NRM’s Sewaava visit families of panga (Bijambiya) victims in Masaka region. Whisper Eye News

Hon Kiwanda visits families of panga (Bijambiya) victims in Masaka

Hon Godfrey Kiwanda the NRM Vice Chairperson Buganda region has today been in Masaka visiting the families whose people were killed by the panga wielding men.

Kiwanda accompanied by Eng. Joseph Sewaava Mukasa extended condolences to those who have lost their beloved ones in these attacks.

Hon Kiwanda assured these families that the security forces will get all those that have killed their beloved ones and will be charged for the crimes against humanity.

Hon Kiwanda urged the locals whoever has any information that can help the police in the investigations to please inform the police so as this kind of insecurity can be sorted out once and for good.

Speaking to Eng Sewaava Mukasa just after visiting victims’ families, he called upon Members of parliament in the area to leave their comfort zones and engaged the community to be security vigilant.

Hon Kiwanda, Sewaava speaking with Masaka Victimes

He said ” these opposition members should stop politicking and return on the ground to engage communities instead of addressing press conferences in the corridors of parliament”

Over 26 people have been murdered in cold blood by Panga wielding men with the assailants mainly target people of advanced age.

By Press time Police had confirmed the arrest of 15 people believed to be behind the rampant killings of Ugandans.

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