Election Petitions: MP Nsereko dodges court again

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By Kiggundu Lineaker

Election Petitions: MP Nsereko dodges court again. Whisper Eye News

Hon. Muhammad Nsereko has today once again dodgeed court for the second time keeping a deaf ear on Sentamu Fred Nyanzi election petition case where he sued him for allegedly stealing his victory.

Hon Nsereko’s lawyers say that their client is not aware of anything like a case he needs to answer to court because he wasnt served.

However according to Fred Nyanzi, he claims that Nsereko is aware of everything and he was served as required by the law.

Nyanzi adds that Nsereko is trying to play games to fool the public that he has no case to answer. Nyanzi also adds that Nsereko is aware of the malpractices he committed and this is why he is hiding away to defeat justice.

Nyanzi also says that he is suprised that the electoral commission Lawyers were today siding with Nsereko’s lawyers adding that he is smelling something fishy in the matter but vowed to table all the evidence to prove that Nsereko actually rigged the election.

Nsereko was declared the Kampala Central MP in a race won by a whisker over nearly just 1000 voters with Fred Nyanzi coming second according to EC.

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