Exclusive: Lumbuye silenced, govt targets to fish NUP blogger Paul Kimbugwe

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Govt targets to fish another NUP blogger Paul Kimbugwe. Whisper Eye News

There is a new emerging blogger based in the UK known as Prince Paul Kimbugwe a former sports journalist in Uganda.

Following the disappearance of Fred Lumbuye, Kimbugwe, has so far taken control of the media space especially as far as critiquing govt is concerned.

The latest news on Whisper Eye News desk shows that Kimbugwe is the next to be fished with information showing that agents have already started tiptoeing him.

Kimbugwe runs an online TV know as UNN Live where he hosts exiled Ugandans and many others individuals who oppose govt exposing the rot and weaknesses of the NRM-led govt.

According to inside Sources, Kimbugwe was offered a tempting fee to abandon his propaganda but he remained firm and rejected the offer.

Sources add that this has tempted govt to go to plan B of arresting him and later extraditing him and made to face the law for spreading propaganda that can bring about insecurity in the country.

Whisper Eye will keep you posted

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