Museveni, re- interest yourself in Rural Electricity Authority (REA), Parliament must stop the merging process?

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Your excellency, Yoweri K Museveni Tibuhaburwa, allow me to bring you greetings fromKahengye.

Even when the Kahengye Water Gravity Scheme ( funded by World Bank/GoU) has stalled, we are patiently fetching water from the river and wells, sometimes waking up in the middle of the night so as to get clean water at the well! The situation has only been saved by the rains we have received in these last 3 days. We are grateful to God that He still cares so much and has not left us to survive like “obwana bwe Mbatta” (the young ones of a duck!)

Here in Kahengye, a few homes especially those on the tarmac have got electricity, this power connection was largely done by Rural Electricity Agency (REA), the connection was not expensive at that time but many other people who had done wiring in their houses so as to be connected could not see even a single light because REA never returned!

UMEME came only to collect money/bill from those who were already connected by REA!

I have been reading the 1999 electricity Act, the Object of the Act states that, REA is to regulate the generation, transmmision, distribution, sale, export, import and distribution of electrical energy in Uganda.

Your excellency, the purpose as to why REA was created is not yet achieved and has largely been hindered by mafias in your Government.
UMEME clearly will not extend electricity to deep villages like Nyakishwojjwa of Mabanga Sub County or even connect houses in Rubumba cell which is nearer to the grid and main road or tarmac!

Secondly, you had created these agencies like REA to create more jobs for more Ugandans especially your loyal cadres or even bazukulu, through these agencies themselves and local small scale industries like the one of coffee, milling machines that my neighbour Mr Musitafah had constructed but can not continue operating because of high electricity cost, mzee, where shall they (your bazukulu) eat from when you merge some of these essential agencies?

Sir, why is NRM killing her own child like REA moreover using an illegal instrument No: 29 of 2021 that revoked the instrument No: 62 of 2020 which was declared by the high court as invalid and of no legal effect.

This same illegal Statutory Instrument Government is using to merge REA without a clear administrative structure.
Isn’t the Government in contempt of court and what is going on a subjudice since Statutory Instrument No: 29 of 2021 is subject to court decision under high court Civil Division miscellaneous cause No: 167 of 2021.

It is a shame on Government to rush to merge REA well knowing that there is a case challenging the legality of the instrument being relied on by the Minister of Energy. The Presiding Judge in this case having assured the applicant that he abandons the interim and temporary injunction applications to pursue the main application.

After closing the case ruling date set by the judge was 30th July 2021 but since then the judge has disappeared, buried his head in the sand, allowing all the ongoing illegalities to continue, and by the time of delivering his ruling, REA will be no more, the case will be useless with no impact of the prayers thought before the court.

Your Excellency, urgently engage the leadership of Parliament and they halt the merger of REA vote 123 to the Ministry of Energy and instruct a thorough investigation until proper procedure, report produced and court ruling is out.

The business of Parliament hiding behind Government’s merger policy is a syndicated move to hide illegalities committed by individuals at the helm of ministry of Energy and some at REA.
This 400Millor dollar program should not be left to waste because of selfish and unpatriotic individuals.

I have all the authentic documents about REA dealings, court ruling/cases, Instruments and those being used illegally by the individuals at the ministry of Energy and Parliament. Will be glad to hand all these documents to you personally or to your investigations teams.

We can still enable Ugandans create jobs, keep jobs and move to money economy through affordable electricity as we build a better and secure Uganda.

For God and My Country Uganda.


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