NUP is like a gang of mad dogs, MP Mafaabi

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“NUP is like a gang of mad dogs.” MP Mafaabi

FDC Sec General Nathan Nandala – Mafabi is one of those opposition politicians who do not like the National Unity Platform . On so many occasions, he has disagreed with the Kyagulanyi party that pushed out FDC from the main opposition seat.

Mafabi has come out to claim that NUP is like a gang of mad dogs that want to bite any one they find. Mafaabi’s words come at a time when NUP VP Dr Zedriga attacked Mafabi’s best friend and mentor Dr Kizza Besigye whom Zedriga accused of being too unclean to take over from Museveni.

Mafabi says it’s not the first time NUP people are attacking FDC warning them to stop because they cannot handle if FDC starts throwing jabs towards them.

Mafabi also cited a toxic Lumbuye who was always attacking Besigye as a person and the FDC administration with NUP not telling their activist to stop spreading false propaganda.

” That Party is like a gang of mad dogs. They want to attack any one they find on the way but they won’t like it if FDC starts attacking them.”. Mafabi warned

“There was that fool called Lumbuye who was arrested. He was being sponsored by NUP officials to abuse us. When he was arrested they started panicking because they fear being exposed.” He added furious

Mafabi also told NUP that they are still amateurs in the game and therefore should stop attacking their senior otherwise they will lose direction.

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