Mityana Municipal leaders on Feirce land battle with Mengo

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Mityana Municipal Council authorities have defied a directive by the Buganda Kingdom stopping any further construction works of their headquarters on a disputed piece of land

Whisper Eye has learnt that in a June 28 dated letter, Mr Simon Kabogoza, the chief executive officer of Buganda Land Board (BLB), advised the municipal leaders, who are sitting tenants on the contested land, to halt the construction works and renew their lease which expired in 2017.

The land measuring 0.469 hectares is on Block 148 Plots 2-6 and 8-10, on Muwemba Road in Mityana Town.

However there has been a contestation on who the real owner of the land is with BLB saying the land belongs to Buganda Kingdom and the municipal officials insist it is the property of the central government

Speaking to Mr Humphrey Benson Otim, the Mityana Municipal Council town clerk, Whisper Eye has learnt that the two parties are planning to have a dialogue with the Resident District Commissioner and officials from BLB to see how to resolve the matter a meeting which resulted after BLB to served them with an intention to sue.

Smilarly in 2019, both parties had misunderstandings over ownership of 100 acres of land housing Magala Health Centre III
But after negotiations, BLB later agreed to give 5.8 acres to Mityana Municipal Council to expand Magala Health Centre III by constructing a maternity ward and headquarters for Tamu Division

Under the same arrangement, BLB also allowed residents occupying part of the health centre land to regularise their tenancy on the land

It should however be recalled that in 2016, Mityana District authorities returned Buganda Kingdom’s land titles that were in their possession over the years.

However, the district continued using a kingdom building which serves as their headquarters after entering an agreement with BLB to pay nominal ground rent to the kingdom. The land titles which were returned are for headquarters of Busujju and Ssingo sub-counties.

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