Who is running the Country Uganda? Gen Salim Saleh or President Museveni?

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By AKAMPA Tanbull

Well, being Ugandan, working and staying in Uganda is enough for one to be ranked a successful man or Woman especially these days where money is so scarce, the reason why those who can not stand the heat have gone far ahead to forge COVID-19 test and vaccination cards in order to fly out and look for greener pastures! Some have decided to become housemaids, security guards, and others as cab drivers.

The majority of our fellow Ugandans have been exported not as experiential workers/professionals but those working in other people’s homes just to earn a living and support their families back home.

Personally, I would not have a big problem with that so long as people are earning but my challenge is that whereas our men and Women are flying to Arab Countries to do those basic jobs, Kenya is sending professionals here to run our Hospitality, Tourism, Oil and Gas, NGOs sectors!

Is it because we have a gap in our education system or because our leaders have not done proper prioritization of resources and looked at how best we can position Ugandans to be professionals not only here but even the quality of people we export abroad? We are about to start drilling out our oil, who are the people going to take up professional works? How many Ugandans or Ugandan companies are accredited? We shall discuss the oil and gas sector at a later time.

Today, am concerned that whereas we have not yet got a report about the performance of Emyooga scheme that President Museveni made an executive directive on in the year 2020 as part of the initiatives by Government to support people especially (ba mufuna mpora or mere ya leero- those of us working for hand to mouth) to shock absorb the COVID-19 effects. Without knowing how much was spent and on who and what? Or without proper accountability!

We are already getting excited with the Parish Model Programme? I hear this is yet another scheme to lie to us that every Parish will get 40Million to boost different groups of the economy especially small-scale industries and those in the agricultural chains.

Where as it is a government program, Gen Salim Saleh, a brother to President Museveni is the one hosting all kinds of public servants including Ministers, Vice President, Resident District Commissioners(RDCs), DISO, LC5 Chairperson, Town Clerks, and Chief Administrative Officers(CAOs) as well the artists or Musicians and I hear some event promoters and organizers.

Now, my questions are. Who really is running Country Uganda? What are Gen Salim Saleh’s interests? Is he a Prime Minister or a Vice President? Where does he draw the mandate and the budget vote to facilitate his meetings with public servants? Is he working on behalf of President Museveni or on his own behalf?

In otherwads, who does Gen Salim Saleh account to, Ugandans or some other person?
The speed at which Gen Salim Saleh is taking us is not the usual NRM speed!

My appeal is that before we go into the PDM, can we get accountability for Emyooga?

For God & My Country Uganda.

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