My life is in danger for helping out comrade Lumbuye, says MP Nkunyinji

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“My life is in danger for helping out commrade Lumbuye.” Nkunyinji. WhisperEyeNees

Kyadondo East MP Hon Muwadda Nkunyinji who also doubles as the Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister has come out to say that his life is in danger ever since he came out to fight for the rights of the chained NUP Blogger Lumbuye Fred.

Nkunyinji says he has been receiving anonymous calls from different people with some saying they work with ISO and CMI asking him where he is and as to why he is getting involved in matters of state security.

Nkunyinji says he is not going to stop at helping Lumbuye but all those who are being squeezed by the state for no offense done.

Nkunyinji adds that Lumbuye is a NUP supporter and thus its upon the party leaders to offer legal services to their people when the state tries to play around with the law to victimize them.

Nkunyinji has told the public that if he disappears or gets arrested then the first suspect is Hon Okello Oryemu the state Minsiter for Foreign Affairs who doesn’t want him to perform his duties as the Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs.

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