My Covid Chronicles part 2

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The second wave of the pandemic was characterized with depletion of oxygen in hospitals and exorbitant hospital charges most especially in private hospitals.

One can claim that this contributed to the death of some people who couldn’t afford these hospital fees.

But like our motto states ”for God and my country” God has been faithful to this nation, gradually the people kept reducing and numbers went down as the forty-two days neared completion.

Government had to focus attention on vaccination so as to open the economy like other countries were doing the likes of USA. Not so long, another heartbreak befell Ugandans with reports that over eight hundred people were vaccinated with a wrong drug.

This in my view scared away multitudes from being vaccinated but long vaccination story cut short; the target was terribly not met.

As a guarantee, it was day forty-two of the forty-two-day lock down, the president partially opened the country with churches and schools maintained as closed.

Apparently, whereas some intuitions most especially universities have carried on with online education, some still hang in balance. Government is ready to open schools only after children between 12years and 18 years have been effectively vaccinated with both jabs, but the question would be how much time would this take.

Learning from our own history as a country in meeting set targets, schools are most likely to open in the year 2035 like opposition politician Ssemujju Nganda says.

Its my thought that people can probably bare enough of the disappointments from our state of affair managers like has always been the case but some of the things are unbearable since it is a race against age.

A better opinion can further be carried that this explains the rapid raise in another pandemic at hand – teenage pregnancies. Additionally, currently we have two available classes of senior one, senior five and first-year students at some tertiary intuitions.

This must be an eye opener on the urgent need to address to this problem in all possible ways possible. Government should come out and provide a more pragmatic mode of opening schools putting all these factors into consideration.
Lastly, we have moved a journey of discovery that this pandemic has unveiled, this pandemic has been a pivotal point for so many of us on how we handle issues around our lives, most especially finances but even most important the discovery of the priorities of our state actors.

In this article I commence with the first lock down to where we are currently in the second wave to somehow portray that the manner in which this pandemic has been handled is a wanting one and probably needs to give us a more critical projection of what lies ahead in case the modus operandi is not checked. This Article represents so many disappointed, frustrated and tired students, workers and Ugandans at large out there!

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