My Covid Chronicles part 1

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My story dates back from the 20th March 2020, with the closure of schools, bars, arcades etc. Since then, the state of affairs has never been the same again.

During this stringent lock down, one of the daily routines became listening in to the presidential addresses that were usually broadcasted every Tuesday at 8:00pm.

Anxiously I always waited and watched them with a deep expectation for things to be made better. Worse and worse they became through announcements of more days of the lock down upon completion of a particular set.

The statement “more twenty-one days” almost replaced the anthem of this country as it was the most common feature on most people’s lips. Another catching scenario during this unsparing lock down was the food relief the government provided to a few people mainly in the metropolitan parts of the country that Wakiso and Kampala, this was a description of giving with one hand and taking away with another; the financially distressed people that received had to pay more heavy costs on charcoal to get the beans ready.

This was the first wave; churches were locked this was the first occasioning for a Sunday to look like an ordinary Tuesday.

Resulting from the media and Ministry of health updates on the rising numbers of infected people and death tolls together with more depressing news on the international scene most especially Italy and USA at the time, it was almost impossible for the depressional and mental health issues to stay in check.

As a result, so often messages of hope were making rounds on social media platforms which in my view at the time was a great contributor to sanity. None the less, after about four months of perseverance and being hopeful, there seemed light at the end of the tunnel in around October with opening of some parts of the economy such as schools.

This came with the second wave of the covid Pandemic.

Kalule Adrian
Speaker UYD
Student of Law Makerere University

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