Bebe cool chameleon graduate with certificates from Saleh’s Gulu

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Bebe cool chameleon and other local artists graduate with certificates from Saleh’s Gulu

Celebrated Ugandan musicians Bebecool and Chameleon have showed off their certificates from the the Gulu based operation wealth creation.

Social media as been awash of with mixed reactions after certificates appeared on different social media handles of ugandan musicians

However this has angered many ugandan who have termed these certificates as degrees in begging and have put forth their anger towards the ugandan government for not prioritizing Ugandan needs and pampering musicians who are not badly off

As the Gulu saga continues it should be remembered that most musicians producers and comedians have flocked Gulu over the past few months and many theories have emerged but the most pronounced one being begging money from the operation wealth creation boss General Salim Saleh

However speaking to Whisper Eye Bebecool has rubbished all those critizing their move to Gulu and has told them to go hang as they have more problems as musicians than any one can imagine

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