Video: UPDF soldier filmed beating& torturing civilian, arrested

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UPDF soldier filmed beating& torturing civilian, arrested. Whisper Eye News

The Uganda People Defence forces (UPDF) unknown soldier has been filmed kicking and beating a civilian in Uganda.

According to the Video, the armed soldier slapped and kicked a man who was kneeling down asking for forgiveness.

The trending video was filmed in broad daylight. Ugandans took to show social media to share the unfriendly video.

Whisper Eye has learnt that UPDF has condemned the act and by the time of this article, the soldier had been arrested.


According to UPDF Twitter handle, “UPDF confirms the arrest of the unnamed military man, “UPDF has noted with concern a circulating video of one of our soldiers acting out of order against a civilian. The soldier has been arrested & action will be taken against him”. UPDF remains a people’s army & does not condone such individual barbaric acts against Wanainchi it added.

Ugandans have experienced very bad behaviours from the armed personals in the country and not more than three months journalists who had gone to cover Bobi Wine petition at UN offices were kicked and assaulted by UPDF soldiers.

Many security experts continue to doubt whether this kind of treatment from the UPDF will come to an end and the security men handle civilians in a proper way.

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