Top Summary of President Museveni end to 42 days Lockdown

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Top Summary of President Museveni end to 42 days Lockdown. Whisper Eye News

What you need to know about today’s president Museveni lockdown directives.

  • curfew time remains @7pm -5:30am.
  • Bodas to move UpTo 6pm with one passenger.
  • buildings to open kioskys to be removed, vending alongside kikuubo banned.
  • Malls and business centers to be opened. following (sop’s)
  • Burials not to exceed 20!
  • weddings not to exceed 20 people!
  • worship centers 60 more days closed.
  • Sports maintain SOPS
  • bars to remain closed.🍻
  • restaurants remain open.
  • salon to remain open
  • saunas n steam -remain closed.
  • school remain closed. ( virtual learning.
  • reduction of workers to 20%.
  • private vehicle to cross borders (3persons) ( registered)
  • airport open.
  • cargo cars 2 people
  • public transport (taxis, buses etc (50%) to open on monday
  • food markets remain open.
  • Seasonal markets remain closed.
  • conferences, workshop’s banned

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