National Unity Platform Sec Gen. David Lewis Rubongoya distance self from Ambassador role, it’s propaganda

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National Unity Platform Sec Gen. David Lewis Rubongoya distance self from Ambassador role. Whisper Eye News

Rubongoya a former Museveni ally has come out to rubbish reports linking him to ambassadorial role on Museveni’s appointment.

Rubongoya says the NRM has for long been using propaganda to tarnish names of those that have deliberately refused to accept their tempting rewards in exchange for betray of the people’s struggle.

Rubongoya adds that this is not the first time the regime has hired social media propagandists to attack him as a person because he chose the right side.

“The biggest joke of all time! The NRM system has survived all these years by sponsoring propaganda meant to discredit, derail, divide and eventually destroy those who oppose it”. Me David posted.

When they try to compromise you and you refuse, they resort to lies and blackmail. For avoidance of doubt, this story and many such others are false and they should be treated with the contempt they deserve. He added.

If our mission was to get jobs, we would never have abandoned our good jobs in the first place to focus on the struggle for freedom and democracy. Some of us would never have opted out of the system and decided to fight it! Our mission is to remove a military dictatorship that has ruined our country. We shall stop at nothing until we achieve that mission. Everything else is a diversion.he roared.

RED Pepper UG a local print newspaper published a list of names of people that President Museveni was going to appoint as ambassadors with Rubongoya included.

However Red Pepper commonly referred to as Daily Pepepr list several people awaiting apportionment as Ambassadors.

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