Bobi Wine should give us a share of the gay money, says Kato Lubwama

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Former Lubaga South MP Hon Kato Lubwama has asked NUP President to share with his fellow artists the funds he allegedly gets from the gay communities from the US.

Kato Lubwama was answering back to Hon Kyagulanyi after he termed artists who went to meet Gen Saleh beggars. Kato Lubwama says that if Kyagulanyi feels bad about artists going to Gulu, he should instead give them some of the money he gets from outside the country because artists are starving since they have not been working for over two years.

Kato Lubwama adds that Kyagulanyi is the reason why artists are not allowed to hold concerts because he was misusing the stage by insulting and undermining President Museveni.

“Bobi wine got 6m dollars from the gay communities.Let him give us the artists 1 million dollar if he really cares about us instead of calling us beggars. Artists are not allowed to perform because of him because he was using the stage to insult the President. He is so mean.” Kato roared

Recently , Kyagulanyi came out to attack artists who went to Gulu to ask for some relief funds calling them beggars who are being given the tax payers Money for no work done.

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