42 days Lockdown:Public transport to reopen.

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42 days Lockdown: Public transport to reopen strictly

The COVID-19 pandemic has left transport businesses not the same in Uganda.

As the transport companies where grappling to stand again after the first total lock down that saw the president of Uganda completely shutting down public transport they recieved another blow as they where again subjected to a second total lockdown of 42 days that had come to an end today.

Exclusive reports have informed Whisper Eye that starting 2nd August public transportation means are going to be allowed to operate but it’s not business as usual.
A leaked internal memo for the ministry of defense has leaked public transport will be allowed to reopen but however with strict adherence to the SOPs .

These will be allowed to operate with 50% capacity and this will be reviewed every after 2 weeks.

Taxi and bus owners associations must ensure adherence to the directives given by the ministry of works and transport and must self regulate their members

However the ministry of works and transport is still silent on the boda boda question and one wonders whether they will be allowed to carry when the country is partially opened again after 2nd August 2021

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