Twitter war between Magogo and Kabushenga leaves spectators shaking heads

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Twitter war between Magogo and Kabushenga leaves spectators shaking heads

Former Vision Group Chief Executive Officer Robert Kabushenga and Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) president Moses Magogo clashed over new cranes head coach Milutin Sredojevic ‘Micho.’ return.

The social media cold war was packaged with things related to the manner with which Micho left the job after his first spell citing accumulated arrears vis-a-vis his return.

With the return confirmed by FUFA on Tuesday night, several people were left amused why the Serbian chose to work for his previous bad debtors. Among them was Kabushenga, whose Twitter post was viewed by the FUFA president as a poke or an insinuation of sorts.

“Did you pay his last ka-money?” Kabushenga jokingly posed the question after tagging the official FUFA account, which drew a sarcastic response from the Magogo

“With you as the country head boy, in this new contract, we will pay him through your bank account, Sir,” Magogo responded.

This sparked a wild jab from the retired CEO: “Stupidity is not a badge of honour. It is not a good idea to wear it in full public view. But then you are far too deaf to understand it.”

Magogo continued with the sarcasm in his responses as he mocked Kabushenga’s age: “It looks like tweeting is your retirement hobby. Dotcom era ‘jajja’ does not tell stories around fireplaces but tweets.”

The giants’ battle continued as Kabushenga threw in more hooks, this time claiming Magogo is only lucky he is not behind bars for his alleged misdeeds.

“In normal times you should be in jail, and weightlifter Julius Ssekitoleko should be an MP. But then God has played a cruel joke on us as a country, and it is the other way round.”

Sounding ready to go on for as far as it will take, the president retorted: “There is no amount of literature that will take away the fact that you got overrated for a long time.”

He coupled this with the accusation to Kabushenga that he sought for FUFA presidency for long, well knowing he did not fit the bill.

“A FUFA president suitor for the last decade who uses the public institution to fight a football association has no moral right to pose certain questions.” Magogo roared

“The nearest you came to football, you ran away leaving debts in hotels. Football administration and selling newspapers require different skills,” concluded Magogo with a sucker punch.

It should be noted that the two have time and again been at crossroads with Kabushenga questioning Magogo’s administration for a long time during his years as the head at Vision Group.

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