DP in a better position after setting its affiliates free – Anselm Ssebuguzi

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In the political party system, there’s a category of people who choose to join a political party basing on its solid ideological footing, these people are the legitimate members of a political party.

Another group joins because of the vibrancy of the party and the optimism that joining such a party will nature their political aspirations and ultimately earn some financial advantages, these are the affiliate members.

The latter category will keep on with the party if the liveliness of the party still lives and they will move on whenever a political wave pops up.

Since 1980 election wave, DP has received many political affiliates who always generated internal tensions within also. These conflicts are created because, naturally, the affiliates and members chase different goals hence difficult to operate under the same system.

The affiliates believe in forming passing waves around Kampala and nearby urban areas for the purpose of winning some parliamentary seats, while the members wants DP to emerge a nationwide political party with functioning structures.

While members seemed to have good intentions, the affiliates were shrewd players and created ideational concepts portrayed by their theatrics and transgression that portrayed them as the only genuine politicians who were to the cause of the average citizens.

During the Besigye wave, they pronounced DP a party that was bought by Museveni but always came back to take a DP flag. Of course, it was easier to win in their respective constituencies with a DP ticket. They still used the same language before they jumped onto the wave of Kyagulanyi.

Fortunately, DP was founded on a firm foundation, a foundation of social justice and because of this, DP managed to set them free eventually.

These affiliates had become inching opponents within and cutting them off was the best thing for the party. We should now rebuild our party on the right ideological track, it should be seen to pursue the goals that will benefit all Ugandans.

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