Big Story: High Court rejects jailed James Mubiru application for certificate of urgency

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High Court has today rejected James Mubiru application for a certificate of urgency. Whisper Eye News

Today high court civil division Judge Wamala has denied an application for a certificate of urgency for an application for mandatory release of Mubiru James and 75 other National Unity Platform political prisoners.

An application that was filled by counsel Wameli of Wameli and Co advocates has not been granted as the judge argues that much as a matter for fundamental breach of human rights are matters of urgency this case, in particular, is an exception this is because just like Mubiru James and the 75 others there are other prisoners that have spent more than 5months in prison without being prosecuted.

His Lordship Wamala further argued that if court’s makes the application to succeed and grant a certificate of urgency it would have opened the pandora’s box for other similar matters yet if can not entertain them because its working on limited human resource of 10% amid the covid 19 pandemic.

Counsel Wameli disagrees with the learned Judge and argues that COVID-19 is not a law and should not be used by the state to persecute its opposers

Wameli said, that issues of human rights violation are matters of urgency and hence the learned Judge’s ruling is just another politically motivated decision.

Wameli further states that he will proceed with the application for mandatory release of Mubiru James and the 75 other politically persecuted prisoners amidst these setbacks.

Wameli Anthony is the head of legal National Unity Platforms and the Managing director Wameli & Co Advocates .

James Mubiru among other NUP leaders were arrested close to 120 days ago by various security forces in the country.

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