DP to fight any government plans to destabilize Buganda land tenure

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DP to fight any plan to destabilize Buganda mailo land tenure by government. Whisper Eye News

Democratic party has today revealed to Ugandans that its going to fight tooth and nail to protect the mailo land tenure system in Uganda which is being threatened by the government through its land reforms proposed amendment bill.

Mr Sam Mayanja, state minister for land and the architect behind the inpugned bill attacked the Buganda Land tenure system and Buganda Land Board which he terms as an organization that manages what is known as “Kabaka’s land,” saying it is in charge of public land yet it’s owned by a private individual.

“Buganda Land Board is registered in the name of [Kabaka] Ronald Mutebi. It’s a corporate, so how can it be in charge of Official Mailo, which is public land,” Mayanja said.

However DP through it’s Tuesday press led by Bukoto central MP Hon Richard Sebamala,

has put it that Mayanja is not the first Lands minister to have a go at the Mailo land tenure system.

MP Ssebamala said, ‘Democratic Party is the only Political Party in Uganda that has protection of customs and traditional institutions as one of her values for which we stand, it is important that we declare it here and now that we shall fight all manner of conduct intended to destabilise the cultural construction of societies that make Uganda’.

Upon that, we wish to communicate our dissatisfaction with the move by government intended to tamper with the established land management system in Buganda, the Mailo land tenure system. In whatever manner it shall be presented, we wish to commit ourselves that we shall stand on the side of the people of Buganda and such areas where uncouth alterations may occur.he added.

In 2016, Ms Betty Amongi criticised the land tenure, terming it an unfair land acquisition introduced by the 1900 colonial agreement between the British administrators and Buganda Kingdom. She then promised to engage BLB over the matter.

Mr Okoler Opio the DP spokesperson said that instead of blaming the Mailo land tenure; the government should sort out the mess in the Land Registry at the Ministry of Lands where all the mess crops up from because of fraud and alot of corruption in their workers who issue double certificates of title.

He further states that the mailo land tenure is legitimate as it stems its legitimacy from the 1900Uganda Agreement.

By the terms of this agreement made between the British Special Commissioner and the chiefs of Buganda, 1,003 square Mailos of land were allotted to the King and his family and to the chiefs both in their official and private capacity.

Another 8,000 square miles were given to at least 1,000 chiefs and land owners at the discretion of the king.

The Land Law, 1908. In this law, the tenure system of Mailo came into force-to legalise and regularise the 1900 allocations.

The Crown Lands Ordinance 1903: The difference between the total land area of Buganda and the land covered by Mailo estates is 8,292 square miles.

  • Registration of Titles Ordinance

The Busuulu and Envujjo Law 1928. This was enacted to define a relation between the land owner and peasant, because these hadn’t been addressed by the 1900 and 1908 laws.

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