DP slams government over failed promise to provide Radios for school purposes

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DP slams government over failed promise to provide Radios for school purposes. Whisper Eye News

Uganda’s oldest political party Democratic Party (DP) has slammed government for promising air to the public when the nation was attacked by Covid19.

Speaking at the press Conference on Tuesday Julu 27 , Party MP Hon Ssebamala Richard condemned the government’s failed plan for close to two years now.

The government had come up with a brilliant idea of providing every household with radios through which studies would be conducted, this was a good idea since it does not allow the gathering of many pupils in one place like it normally happens during normal class lessons, the gathering would be somewhat problematic right now since the virus is still here and with only 180,000 persons fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 pandemic. MP Ssebamala said.

It’s coming to two years down the road but the good idea has not yet seen light, perhaps corruption should have made the idea have a still birth. he added.

We should adopt online studies especially in Institutions of higher learning where the method is possible, unfortunately the government has continued to make Internet services inaccessible to many Ugandans including students who would embrace online studies, there very many applications including zoom that can be used to conduct lessons, the government should begin considering strongly other options of study other than physical attendance of classes, at least for the next two or more years because no body knows when we shall be out of the pandemic and yet our children have to study. Sebamala stated.

Mr Ssembala also reminds government that rapid COVID-19 testing programs should be rolled out and such testing kits made available to the health private practitioners at a cheaper cost this can be a way of a partnership between government and the private health centers.

According to his party, Democratic Party therefore demands that government announces a comprehensive plan communicating the structure that shall sustain the fight against the deadly pandemic.

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