Youth Councilor Wakiso Nabagereka walks the talk donates 800 kgs of Maize Flour to fellow youth

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Nabagereka Magret the female youth councillor of Wakiso sub-county has today donated a tune of 800kgs of maize flour to her fellow youth in Wakiso Sub-county. Whisper Eye News

The young youth leader has intimated to Whisper Eye that she saw it necessary to come to the rescue of her fellow vulnerable youth as they had been left out of the vulnerable few that received the impugned Nabanja fund.

She put it out that most of these youth work for today’s meal and since most have not been working over imposed lockdown and hence most of them are languishing in poverty and had resorted to begging, theft which was dangerous to society

Nabagerek tasked government and other local leaders in Wakiso Sub-county to come to the rescue of their electorates because they were voted to do so and reminded them that since they were voted with nothing but out of love they should give back to their people in this trying time.

A seasoned farmer and owner of a poultry farm in Bulaga, she has also promised her fellow youths 20 chicklings as a way of giving them start-up capital in this lockdown pandemic

Nabagereka is one of the only 3 elected youth representatives that managed to win an election on DP ticket and is currently a strong member of UYD a youth branch of the Democratic Party.

Democratic Party is the longest-standing political party in Uganda since it has been in existence for over 50 years and it is currently headed by Advocate turned politician Mr. Norbert Mao.

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