PM Nabbanja, help President Museveni not to walk against Corruption ever again! but rather talk the talk and walk the talk practically

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By AKAMPA Tanbull

Rt Hon Robinah Nabanja, allow me bring you greetings from Kahengye Kebisoni Town Council- Rukungiri District.
We have been following you from the day you were appointed by President Museveni as a Prime Minister of Uganda and trust me, as much as you least expected to be appointed to that position, we were also surprised by Mr Museveni’s choice of Cabinet Ministers and a few Permanent secretaries as well the Resident District Commissioners/Resident City Commissioners (RDCs/RCCs) in this new National Resistance Movement (NRM) Government Kissanja of yours.

The appointing authority also told us how he surprised Ugandans with the new cabinet and he is confident that this cabinet will deliver according to his expectations and what NRM has to achieve during this Kisanja of 2021-2026.

President Museveni is indeed a “Ssabavubi” and he has demonstrated that he grows with the population!

Ugandans have been waiting for Prime Minister like Rt Hon Nabanja, very practical in everything.

Even when I never received funds for COVID-19 relief, there are those few who got and are appreciative to NRM Government.
There is only one old Woman I know in Kikoni who got this money and indeed she is vulnerable. The challenge is that some areas got more money or double payments, in other places even those who are not vulnerable received?!!
How did they get on the lists? The who process of registering was really not clear and straight forward.

Putting the COVID-19 relief funds aside, we want to appreciate you for the wonderful gesture you gave in Kasese a few days ago, when you told off mafias not to give sub standard relief items to our brothers and Sisters who were displaced by floods. You did not only restore confidence and trust in Mr Museveni’s Government but also gave a new image to the office of the Prime Minister of Uganda.

Our prayer is that, all Public servants, Chief Administrative Officers, Town Clerks, ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Members of Parliament, Resident District Commissioners could borrow a leaf from you and be exemplary in the fight against corruption, Uganda would be very far.
We would have already attained middle income status by this time.

Our roads would be on the international standard at a cheaper cost, Clean Water and electricity coverage would be at over 80%, our hospitals would be having medicines as well doctors/nurses would come to work on time and well paid and on time.

Our Government schools would be the best in the Country with committed, passionate teachers and parents.

All Ugandans would be proud of NRM if not entire Country being NRM without much opposition simply because service delivery by Government is the best across the entire Afrikan continent.

As the leader of Government business, please fight corruption, stream line service delivery.
Call on all public servants to foster the spirit of accountability based on value for money.
If we achieve better service delivery, trust me, NRM will keep in Government even when Mr Museveni is no longer here.

Put in place a system that makes corruption a very expensive venture, this same system should promote accountability and we will manage this Country as young NRM cadres for the posterity to appreciate the amazing works our NRM leaders did when they were in charge.

The mantle to shape, determine and influence a new Uganda is in your hands.

Please help President Museveni not to just walk against corruption again, but we need confidence in fighting this vice.

Keep up the spirit, you have our support as Ugandans.

You are indeed omuvubi! Not the usually Prime Minister Ugandans were used to.! KUDOs!

AKAMPA Tanbull

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