Mindset change: Mpigi Woman MP Nambooze Teddy resorts to civic education, trains children about deadly Covid-19 disease

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Mindset change: Mpigi Woman MP Nambooze Teddy resorted to civic education trains children about deadly Covid-19 disease

The industrious Mpigi Woman legislator Hon Teddy Nambooze has resorted to civic education training to change people’s mindset in the district.

On Friday 16th July 2021, hon Nambooze gathered children of her neighbors who were playing close to her home at Kikunyu Village in Kammengo Sub County and took them in a two-hour secession about the deadly Covid-19 disease.

The legislator taught the young ones how to avoid contracting the deadly Corona Virus. How to wear a face Mask, how to properly wash hands with soap, and other SOPs.

MP Nambooze stressed the importance of children to stay home during this period of Covid-19 lockdown since the schools are not operating to avoid Covid-19.

“These are my children, their parents are working at the roadside food market leaving them home, they use that time to leave home and visit their friends which is not good at this time due to Covid-19. I have taught them why they should stay at their homes,” says Hon Nambooze.

MP Nambooze distributing food

“When need more of civic education to change the mindset of our people, if we’re to have a meaning full transformation,” she added.

Over 20 children attended and they freely answered questions asked by the legislator and promised to teach their parents.

“These are husbands and wives of some people, just a few years to come. We need them to grow up as responsible citizens,” MP Nambooze explained.

“I’m happy that they have learn a lot, and many had information about Covid-19 disease. Now I have taught them how to wash their hands properly with soap and wearing a mask, and when to wear it. And they have responded well. With FADECA we shall reach far after the Covid-19 lockdown,” she added.

According to Hon Nambooze she is working with
Family Development and Child Care (FADECA) organization to help vulnerable children to live a better life and have quality education.

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