Big Story: Criminals take advantage of bushy corners to rape girls in Katabi

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Criminal gangs in Katabi town council in Waksio district in the upcoming city suburbs have found safe haven in thick bushy piece of lands.

According to information from the residents, area leaders, and Uganda Police, more than 21 people were raped , property stolen and many killed.

The most affected areas harboring criminal , lands include Katabi Council Bush, Kakindu, Nkumba, Kasenyi Land, some land whose ownership belongs to the Local government, Buganda, and central government are a hot spot.

Residents say of lack of sensitization and failure to clean long exisiting bushy areas despite their repeated complaints about criminal activities taking place there is a catalyst to crime.

The residents also claim to have reported complaints to police and in 2017 since these same bushes have been a danger to the lives of many female by passers.

The crime in this area occurred on Thursday this week involving Sarah Bosa Rosemary a senior three-student who was raped, in the bush of Nkumba. The girl who was heading to Nkumba town narrated her ordeal crying.

Her grandmother, 60-year old Jane Bikirwa appealed to security with tears rolling down her cheeks to find the brutal Men that did the unfortunate to her granddaughter and bring them to justice.

“I don’t know why I deserve this pain. My granddaughter was raped in such a cruel way. she has lost respect among her friends and villagemates, my only appeal is to God, It’s painful but thank God she was not killed. Bukirwa cried out.

The local leaders in the area told Whisper Eye that Katabi Town council area thicky bushes has been a killing, raping spot for criminals over the last three years. According to Edith Lubega resident of Kakindu a swampy and bushy area in the Town Council , they have made several complaints to police and the landowners to do something in vain.

In October 2017 two bodies of women were raped and dumped in a bush in Nkumba village, another body of a woman was dumped at Mpala village, Katabi Town Council, Wakiso District.

The naked body was discovered in a banana garden by a boy who had gone to pick fruits.

Katabi town council is about 70 meters from the Entebbe-Kampala Road.

One of the victim was identified as Sarah Neliima, a 22- year-old resident of Kakindu – Kawuku.

The rape and killings are not new in Katabi for the last four years, Police has tried to increase security in the area however due to covid 19 lockdown which has kept police busy on enforcing Covid 19 restrictions has seen an increase in crime reports.

Residents say they are worried about the safety of their children who now riot around villages with no school opening dates announcement from the government

The Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire told Media that as police crime investigations into whatever crime reported to police will be investigated and culprits brought to book.

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