UCC warns Ugandans on fake news, online video advice, vows to prosecute many

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UCC warns Ugandans on fake news, online video advice, vows to prosecute many. Whisper Eye News

The Uganda communication industry regulatory body, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has warned Ugandans over circulation and publishing unauthentic information.

The commission strictly bans publication of what it termed as fake news, videos, and advice through digital platforms by any individual.

UCC has observed an increase in cases of misinformation and publication due to the publication of “fake news, videos and advice through digital platforms by individuals misusing communications platforms to publish, distribute and forward false, unverified, and/or misleading stories and reports”.

“Such conduct can cause counsels disobedience against the law or to lawful order/guidance, incitement of violence against persons or property, cause financial turmoil in markets, unfounded public anxiety, or put a person’s life in danger by providing misleading guidance,” says UCC official.

UCC takes exception to this criminality and wishes to advise that any persons found to be engaging in creating, initiating the transmission of, circulating, and/or forwarding, fake stories and misinformation using communication facilities, service or applications shall be apprehended and prosecuted for offending the Computer Misuse Act, 2011, the Data Protection and Privacy Act, 2019 and/or other Penal laws of Uganda,” UCC explains further.

The Commission has apprised the public to be vigilant and exercise due care to ensure all information created, posted, shared or forwarded is free from distortion of facts and complies with the existing laws of Uganda by verifying the authenticity of any news stories, reports from official sources before believing., republishing, spreading or forwarding of such stories to other persons.

UCC’s concern has come at time when social media users are increasing and now a sizeable percentage of Uganda’s population get information from digital platforms.

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