Joel Biyinzika bails out crying disabled man affected by 42 days of lockdown with food items

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Joel Biyinzika bails out crying a disabled family man affected by 42 days of lockdown with food items.

A man identified as Joel Biyinzika has come to the rescue of a man who was filmed crying over the new second lockdown in Uganda.

As the second phase of total lockdown bites harder, disabled Rashid Mukisa was seen crying while explaining to the police officers who were effecting lockdown orders.

The video went viral on social media platforms, which attracted the attention of the founding director of Hope for African Child Foundation (HACF) Mr. Joel Biyinzika.

In his first Tweet, Mr Biyinzika asked the contact of Mr Mukasa to able him deliver some help.

“Did anyone get any leads on who this man is? I would love to buy food for his family all through 2021,” reads Mr Biyinzika’s Tweet.

He was given private mobile cell phone numbers and traced Mr Mukasa and his family.

He finally delivered food items and pledged to continue supplying food to the family for the whole year, and paid rent on the spot.

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