Big Fish: Former vision group senior journalist Mugonza Andrew officially joins Whisper Eye as an environment, current affairs reporter

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Former Vision Group senior Journalist Mugonza Andrew officially joins Whisper Eye as An Environment and Current Affairs reporter.

Mugonza Andrew popularly known as Senator has officially joined Whisper Eye news as an Environment journalist.

Environmental and climate change issues struggle to find themselves in mainstream media.

They contribute less than 1% in daily stories reported in print, digital, on radio, or TV unlike in the global north where the likes of Guardian have a dedicated team of reporters.

There’s a strong need for climate change to be communicated to people every day, people have a right to climate change information.

This step is to close the information gap the country is facing on climate change and the environment in general.

Whisper Eye is committed to bring you news that is informative, educative, and based on facts.

As our response to the climate crisis which is affecting the entire world, we have started an extensive and exclusive reporting on environmental issues to promote climate change literacy, inspire climate action and create a platform for those who are saving our planet.

The management of Whisper Eye News is committed to give a special platform to all environment-related articles.

“Climate Change is real, there is a need to multiply our efforts to protect the environment. There is a need to have a collective responsibility towards this great cause,” says Mr. Mugonza.

“This is a special calling, a move to protect life, any attempt to degrade the environment, is a move to destroy humanity,” he added.

We ask all conservation groups, environmental organizations, climate activists, and individuals passionate about nature to send in their stories or work.

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