Panic in NUP: MP Nambooze moves out of Buganda MPs meeting after selecting Butambala MP Muwanga Kivumbi chairman Buganda caucus

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Panic in NUP: MP Nambooze moves out of Buganda MPs meeting after selecting Butambala MP Muwanga Kivumbi chairman Buganda caucus.

Mukono municipality legislator Hon Nambooze Betty Bakireke stormed out of the NUP Buganda MPs meeting after MPs agreed Butambala MP Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi be the Chairperson of Buganda Parliamentary Caucus.

Furious MP Nambooze asked her fellow National Unity Platform (NUP) MPs to postpone the election of their flag bearers of the Buganda parliamentary caucus but they failed to listen to her at all.

“We’re the majority in Buganda, why are we rushing. There is a need to sit down and plan as a team. Nothing to lose if we take our time,” MP Nambooze appealing to NUP MPs.

A reliable source has told Whisper Eye News, that an exclusive meeting sat before and gave MPs instructions.

In that meeting, it was agreed Busujju MP Lukyamuzi David Kalwanga was asked to drop his interests from the chairman seat which was given to Hon Muwanga Kivumbi, and Kalwanga switched to Treasurer.

However, MP Nambooze was not part of this meeting, and a few of MPs supporting her and others including Kimanya- Kyabakuza MP Dr. Abed Bwanika popularly known as Omugalatiya.

When hon Nambooze discovered something went on behind her knowledge, she decided to walk out of the meeting.

Panic In NUP

No one can underrate Mukono municipality legislator Nambooze Betty in terms of political mobilization and fighting political battles.

After she moved out of the meeting, many phone calls started, and those who are close to this legislator knew that it is not going to be the same in the party.

Her supporters in Mukono whom MP Nambooze treasures most are unhappy with the way she was treated and are demanding anybody in the dirty game to be brought to books.

Hon Nambooze immediately yesterday called for a strategic meeting at home to discuss the way forward.

Her strategists appreciated her move to storm out of the meeting arguing that there was no need for her (MP Nambooze) to prove to her fellow contestants that is was the best candidate in the race given the challenge of Mailo Land issue in Buganda at the moment.

The resolutions of this meeting have impact on the politics of the new party, and opposition as time moves on.

Others elected to represent NUP as flag bearers on Buganda Parliamentary Caucus are Mityana district woman MP Joyce Bagala Ntwatwa, who is the publicity secretary, Bukomansimbi North MP Dr Christine Ndiwalana as the Public relations outside Buganda, and MP Nsanja Patrick who is an independent legislator but was adopted in the meeting and given NUP ticket on the position of secretary.

There was no ballot election, but legislators just agreed on consensus.

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