Rt Hon Nabanjja, please do not promise a bridge where there is no river

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Rt Hon Nabanjja, please do not promise a bridge where there is no river

Rt Hon Nabanja, allow me take this opportunity to congratulate you for having been appointed to the office of the Prime Minister, Republic of Uganda.
Yes, we know that you are officially the leader of Government business but please as you try to fit in the shoes of a Prime Minister avoid promising a bridge where there is no river!

Me and my fellow villagers watched you on a small Television set deep in Kahengye promising vulnerable Ugandans that our NRM Government will start giving out COVID-19 relief cash vouchers or make payments on mobile money to us vulnerable Ugandans!

This is a mockery to poor Ugandans and deep inside your heart you know that this is very impossible. Are you creating hope in Ugandans or your aim is to have more Ugandans hate the NRM Government?

What are the intentions of this pronouncement?

Majority Ugandans are mere ya lero including boda boda riders (which actual number is not known country wide!), taxi drivers( number also not known!), abatembeyi(actual number not known!) street Children(actual number not known!) elderly(actual number not known!) unemployed youth(actual number not known!), those who lost their jobs(number not known!) Pregnant women(numbers not known!) Madam, Prime Minister, who exactly are you and your Government going to send COVID-19 relief funds?

When even us events managers and promoters up to now have never got the COVID-19 relief funds that President Museveni promised during the 2020 lockdown? Are you aware?

It is high time we stopped taking Ugandans for a ride, be honest with them(Ugandans) and tell us nti bulimuntu agumye mune, no money than raising our expectations and hopes high yet less will or would be achieved. Ugandans laughing at us especially especially some of us the NRM supporters and royalists!

Madam, PM, we should face Ugandans with honesty and tell them what is only possible and sustainable than making empty promises if we want NRM of the posterity.

I await to see how many Ugandans receive COVID-19 relief cash via Mobile Money or cash vouchers from the bank!

Am convinced beyond doubt that this is very impossible and a mockery to us the poor and vulnerable Ugandans!

AKAMPA Tanbull
Kebisoni Town Council-Rukungiri District.

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