Lockdown: Mpigi Woman Mp Nambooze Teddy asks government to supply food and medication to population

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Lockdown: Mpigi woman Mp Nambooze Teddy asks government to supply food and medication to population.

Mpigi district woman legislator hon Nambooze Teddy has asked Uganda government to provide food and medication to the needy population, during the lockdown period.

In an exclusive interview with Whisper Eye news hon Nambooze told us, that lockdown is part of the solution to prevent the spread of Corona Virus.

However, the government must assess properly the situation where many homesteads can not afford food and basic needs.

“Lockdown is here,
It is a one way solution to the spread of the pandemic “if” all households in Uganda can sustain themselves in terms of welfare especially feeding,” says MP Nambooze.

“Total lockdown without any support for the vulnerable population is a threat to the lives of people who are about to die of hunger and other diseases!,” she explained.

The legislator has raised concern about movement of tourists in the country during this period of total lockdown.

“If tourists are free to enjoy the country as Ugandans are locked down, soon I’ll see somalis, Rwandese, Congolese and other neighbors coming to Uganda passing as foreign tourists,” she said.

Mp Nambooze advised the government, arguing that there must be clear guidelines to all tourists in the country during this period as everybody is in total fear of Covid-19 pandemic.

“It’s my appeal to the government to supply medication and food to all homesteads since now people are financially crippled yet they have to feed their families,” says the legislator.

On 17th June 2021, Ugandan president put back the whole country to total lockdown.

Citizens are appealing to the government for help and harmonisation of Covid-19 lockdown due to the tough economy at the time.

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