Digital Monitors & Gun Crimes, Mzee Tibuhaburwa Is Just Guessing Security Options – Muwada Nkunyingi

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In his budget speech, Mzei Tibuhaburwa more than 4 times echoed his delayed digital monitor proposal as a solution to gun crimes.

The public recall, years ago he cried out to camera installation as a remedy and excuse for security faults resulting in gun crimes. After a rigged election, he returns in 2021 now pursuing totally new rhetoric of digital monitors.

Ordinarily, in the entire electoral period, plain-clothed militants with guns could only be accounted for as covid measures. We have since insisted on the rule of law.

In essence, only identifiable officers in gazetted institutional uniforms should visibly carry guns and for lawful purposes.

The moment the regime deviated from strictly set legal standards on gun access and later turning security measures into political tools, it was an opening for insecurity.

Plain-clothed personal driving drones and numberless vehicles have seldom hijacked civilians in daylight holding guns. How can public vigilance then distinguish between a security personal and a criminal? Without public vigilance and Community policing, no regime can ever defeat criminality.

With poor pay and poor housing, the Police officers are seldom the victims of arrest to hoodwink the public as a government response after such crimes. Ordinarily, a criminal can carry an illegal gun on foot. It still remains investigative after a crime but not preventive before crime to install digital monitors on transport means.

But the Public still carries a million unanswered questions, many Ugandan’s have gone missing especially NUP and people power supporters, many have been killed, many in illegal detention to date, families have cried out with no state response, attempts to reach out to the UN Human rights office in Kampala were met with military attack and beatings that never spared even journalists, among others. One wonders security measures are taken up in whose interest, the Public or the state.

When organs that must protect the people are seen attacking people in daylight, it requires a miraculous explanation for people to distinguish a daytime human rights violator from a night, anonymous and invisible criminals.

The key solution is the rule of law. There must be professionalizing and empowerment of constitutional agencies like Police & the Army. Their mandate must be as by law not as per orders from above. They must not take political sides but must side with the people. That way vigilance is possible.

A purported head of state who specializes in abusing criminals is either pretending or ill-advised. Ahead of a state who values the lives of some but cares less for others is detached from Uganda’s Constitutional order. These are public matters, not personal gestures and we must insist so.

Let’s pray for our Country.

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