Museveni’s Last Rule: What he spent a long time avoiding, Instead created without even noticing – Sylvia N. Kirabira.

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  • Museveni’s Last Rule: What he spent a long time avoiding, Instead created without even noticing – Sylvia N. Kirabira.

The meaning of the leader of opposition coming from Buganda after a long, long time.

Museveni’s rule started 35 years ago when many of us adults were in our 1st primary classes almost the same age as his children soon to become senior citizens of our country Uganda.

Thou the president the other day said, his children don’t like it when he tells their age.
Many of us can still be able to know how old they’ve grown as of today.
Baganda say ” Obukulu buwoomya tooke” meaning the rest of the things are just spoilt when they overstay.

Mzee is not discriminated. Actually, this saying suits him the more!
And the unfortunate part of it is, his children who would help him realize is losing track, instead, just behave like adolescents the reason they fear their age to be told.

He’s last rule, normally in Uganda any President that falls out with Baganda, the people in central, means their end of rule however much they may not like it
Look at Obote 1, Amin, Obote 11 it’s the reason their rule ended.

Museveni as I have before said, served in all the past governments before him & he very well knows what led to their downfall.
And had early enough planned just to control whoever could fail him through placing his agents in different institutions.

The biggest opposition in Uganda has always been Buganda & the Catholic Church.

These ones he planned to deal with at the end having made useless the rest of the institutions in the country.
But the way things seem to be unfolding now, the opposition leader being a former Kabaka’s minister, whether Museveni likes or not Mengo definitely is to oppose him likely to cause his end of rule.

Nevertheless, having pointed out Buganda, the Catholic church is another powerful institution Museveni feared a lot.
Just because of its strong values of Truth & Justice belief that are preached & taught to its followers, of late when you could analyze well Museveni had infiltrated it through some leaders who are not after serving God but are self-seekers.

Which mzee had thought they will weaken its strong foundation of serving the Christians hence make them irritated & maybe cross to born again churches which their system of leadership is based on individual ownership making them very easy to manipulate.

And moreover, these churches are all over even in shops premises anyone would find it easy to access them.

Many Catholics in the last elections indicated very properly to which side they supported ( the oppressed) leading to no recognition during the swearing at Kololo.

Museveni’s plan to rule for life built on killing all-powerful institutions & replace them with authorities as you can see UCDA instead of the ministry of agriculture, UNRA instead of Works ministry, KCCA instead the ministry for Kampala, you name them all.
The spirit is having many powerless boards operating on his mercy.
Now that he had succeeded in the others & now failing with the last two powerful ones.
Buganda is choosing to move with the people’s voice & the Catholic church with the oppressed.
It means one can predict his END of RULE!!!!

When you listen to his National Address on Friday.
1- He blamed the police for not making an alarm ( enduulu) when the shooters attacked Gen Katumba, that they were just there seated in the command center And I wish to know whether they’re told to do so & they just refused.

How about the commando from Somalia. Was he deployed to handle Nup supporters only?????
Mzee as of his character, I’m becoming the student of his nature.
He will always find someone to blame for his failing & he’s taught this to his cadres who also ended up blaming everyone for losing in the past campaign.

They blamed almost all they could think of Starting with Katikkiro which to me I thinking was not right up to the bishops in the Catholic church.

 Corruption. he said is to fight it by employing those from well-off to do families.
I’m deeply perturbed, where the old man could be driving this country!!
How come he could think of giving out jobs on such a ground.
How about the poor Ugandans?? Has he not passed a judgment that they should die.
Though he’s mentioning it now already he’s practicing it.
Those who remember Jennifer Musisi in KCCA are from such a background.

What happened at the end of it??
He blamed her for his poor performance in the 2016 elections which saw her resign from her job.
Whereas he was praising her all over in the beginning.

Mzee talked about expensive power rates from Umeme.

That might lead to suspending them for overcharging Ugandans.
Where has mzee been all this time???
Sometimes he behaves like a dad who brings a second wife at home & she ends up terrorizing everyone in the house when he at night enjoys happiness with his woman & during the day tells the relatives that she mistreats the kids.
Forgetting that he brought her there. To me, this would be double standards of the highest order.
Him being the head of the home but decides to enjoy happiness & complain to whoever about the mistreatment of kids is not fair.

Dad just play your role of heading the home rightly. He stops taking Ugandans for a ride to be oppressed in their own country.

On 28th/ 05 I loaded units which have been taking us for 2 weeks only to be finished in 4 days, the kids put on power for I WK it only worked 2 days whereas nothing has changed in what we use at home.
Mzee shouldn’t have been there lamenting unless it’s he’s last rule.

And all that he said there was nothing like a solution to Uganda’s overdue problems.

As I conclude more than ever before Ugandans are more informed of their enemy & are determined to work closely to eliminate him.
The Catholic Church realized its responsibility of standing with the oppressed instead of keeping quiet.
And this how they to resolve the long-lasting problem of staying in power, the last rule of mzee!!!!!

The Author is a student of History Former Youth Leader of both KCCA & Buganda Kingdom.



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