Museveni, we didn’t apply to be born to poor Parents – Adam Buyinza Luzindana

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The statement by the President to employ children of the rich in government to fight corruption was uncalled for and it’s a hate speech. You could have made it in goods spirit but u now need to know that it has caused a lot of anger and hate amongst the poor youth who are in millions.

You don’t have to incite the Poor Youth to reorganize against you. You need to know that every poor youth who is bitter or angry has parents or relatives.

There are millions of poor youth all over the country. Millions are degree or diploma holders while others are school dropouts. You came to power in 1986 with support from Wanaichi or the poor who sacrificed and fought alongside you and the NRA Fighters.

First of all, who are the rich people in Uganda and what do they do for a living?.. Do you know that most of the so-called rich people in Uganda have accumulated wealth through perpetuating corruption and rely on state patronage to secure Government contracts and deals? The children of the rich have been groomed to further perpetuate corruption and hate.

The so-called rich parents you are talking about are the reason you are losing popular support in Uganda…They are the reason that UGANDANS are angry with you and your Government. Your so-called rich parents have accumulated a lot of wealth and state power to the extent that it’s complex for a child of the poor to penetrate the barriers and benefit from the Government. Even the children of the poor who struggle and meet you have been made to suffer…You meet the children of the poor, promise to support them but nothing ever materialized.

You promise to support children but they either get frustrated by the rich people who are largely your allies and it’s why NRM Popularity is declining…You have on many occasions met and promised to support NRM Cadres and different Groups of NRM Mobilisers but shockingly there is nothing forthcoming…Is it you against the children of the poor or your rich handlers are against us??.

You have been in power since 1986 because of the support of the poor.90% of your supporters are the children of the poor and they constitute the NRM Mobilisers who are aging in poverty. The statement is inciting violence, it’s a hate speech that is causing a big right between the poor and the rich..What if the poor youth begin to identify the children of the rich?. Who will be held responsible?.

There are currently, 32 universities in Uganda all accounting for a student population of about 110,000, turning out over 30,000 graduates annually and over 75% are children of the poor whose parents sometimes sell family land to pay fees while others have involved themselves in all types of odd jobs to raise fees for their children but after graduation, they can’t fight jobs, they have no access to financial support to start up a business but it’s painful that you have a new policy aimed at recruiting and employing children of the rich in government..The majority of the children of the rich graduated from Europe and North America..Where will Uganda graduates work? Why can’t children of the rich start up businesses since they have capital from their rich parents? Why can’t jobs be given basing on competence, not family backgrounds?

Mr. President, you have started a war but the question is will you defeat the poor youth who are getting more organized and more determined?.

I am not against the new strategy by Gen Museveni to recruit and deploy children of the rich in Government agencies, Ministries, Commissions, and Authorities to fight corruption but I believe that corruption will now skyrocket since the rich love money more than the poor. But also where are the NRM Mobilisers who are largely children of the poor but have dedicated their lives and small resources to mobilize for you, Mr. President.

In my district, I have never seen a child of the rich mobilizing for you.I am on some WhatsApp groups but it’s largely children of the poor spreading your achievements including on Facebook. I think we need to identify, and deploy tested Cadres and competent UGANDANS but also adopt swift mechanisms to combat corruption, especially at the top levels. Thousands of NRM Mobilisers are languishing but they Love their country..Some are competent and able to work for the good of Uganda.

Mr. President the people who truly love you and support you are the children of the poor and their parents but you have now disregarded them hence breeding anger and hate.
I still believe that you can work towards uniting and reconciling people. The degree of hate and anger is beyond normal…The problem is bigger than what you read in Intelligence reports.

The country is not guided, the country is not united, the rich people in government are too arrogant, very proud, and abusive…They have all mastered the art of describing Opposition youth as hooligans, Lumpens, and thugs and these Lumpens defeated us in Buganda but the question is who do we blame for creating these 3.5 million Lumpens and thugs as the NRM arrogant rich officials describe them.

At this point in time, you need to focus on uniting people, building trust but above all guiding them to benefit from available Government programs..You need competent Leaders at the NRM SECRETARIAT and in Government. You need to invest more in Information Dissemination and public Awareness or our country is destined for the worst.

While I don’t intend to hold any position in government but you have so many bedrooms where u can deploy your NRM Cadres who have sacrificed a lot for you…Those Cadres will even do more for you.

For God and my Country

A member of NRM
A founder member and Reigning Allied Supreme Leader of the Uganda Poor Youth Movement.

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