A poor man’s child response to Museveni’s rich-rule talk – Kaweesa Kaweesa

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Attention is drawn to the unfortunate remarks of President M7 on the occasion of the State of the Nation Address that turned a “Family Succession talk” in which he stated that he is to post children of the rich to “fight” corruption in Uganda since children of the poor are greedy and seemingly corrupt.

All sane Ugandans condemn in the strongest terms possible those derogatory remarks that put a question mark on the president’s memory!

The putrid uncalled-for statement when deeply analyzed is an unfair justification of Museveni and his family’s regime failed to cub corruption (claiming) because of your very poor background.

The talk was also an unfair way to justify Museveni’s regime creation/dividing our country into “haves” and “not haves” through massive plundering and robbery of national resources for the presidents and close family relatives over the 35year rule.

Sentencing the children of the poor and promoting those of renowned corrupt thieves is like condemning them for their parent’s integrity and not participating in the evil act of plunder that made all the “Rich” men of your generation is unthinkable.

Unless you indirectly used this to disqualify yourself as current president or who didn’t fit to be one in the first place but with due diligence, we wish to remind you that Museveni is a son (Or he said) of Kaguta, who was a normad and a very poor peasant even to the last centuries standards.

Your ascendance to middle class was because of good Samaritans and a government that indiscriminately equally catered for the poor and rich.

It is that poor background that gifted you with the persistence to go and stay in the bush for 5years plus the skills you have used to rule the country for nearly four decades.

It’s that very background in which you are pushing all Ugandans yet pulling all your children and grandchildren out then breaking any chance of any of them coming out of it (Getting rich, education, etc) hence making them permanent slaves to your artificial loyalty!

It’s a fact that due to the hard environment in which we grow up, children of the poor are molded with iron and naturally gifted with a number of rare survival skills that help us prosper in life than our counterparts from affluent backgrounds.

I would like to remind you that no poor person has ever appeared in any money laundering scandals that have characterized the regime for 34 years. The same person who was in the junk helicopter scandal is the one we see in the COVID-19 cash scandal!!

This means you have built a family in whose blood corruption and theft of public funds flow to children and grandchildren.

The assumption that the so-called “rich” have stolen enough taxpayers’ money, built enough empires for their children thus satisfied and therefore their children are not greedy anymore is wrong.

Besides the impunity created, does he know the implications of his statements to the many unemployed educated youths even those in schools?

That means statement calls for a whole sensitization lecture to Museveni’s entire family of “haves”.
It’s unfortunate that Museveni’s detonation of the rich is different from the conventional definition of the same.

Lasting Richness is not built on corruption, murder, suppression, plundering, robbery of nation resources or impoverishing the poor by over-taxation as the rich go untaxed.

It’s built on hard work and integrity. It’s based on ethics, not ethnic lineage.

The People society calls true “children” of the rich are those whose parents/families got rich through hard work with a long record of integrity and a zero record of tax evasion, corruption, theft of public funds. Its people whose richness benefits society (through creating jobs or paying taxes) not just their families as it’s built on a competitive robbery of national resources.

Those are the rich Ugandans Museveni found, impoverished and dragged down then created the “rich” with no integrity. The likes of Mulwana, Katatumba, Wavamuno, etc replaced by Mike Ezra, Bryn White, then renowned corrupt masters like Muhwezi, Kuteesa, Muhakanize, Karangwa, etc the treacherous cycle.

If you asked us the poor to recommend, we would send you Hon Zaake Butebi, whose father’s richness borders nowhere near theft of public funds meaning theft blood doesn’t flow into him like those you take to be rich.

Your Excellency, it’s unfortunate that your own view of the rich is corrupted. To you, the rich are those who have fully participated unharboured in a robbery of our state funds and resources and curved a sectoral robbery empire for themselves/families untouched since 1986. It’s those in whose children’s blood flow corruption and theft, not the poor us who knows that money is worked for saved and piled step by step without stepping on the foot of the poor majority.

The statement is an insult to the creativity, intelligence, and integrity of the poor. The poor are morally very upright, hard-working, and committed people that is why they always make it in life and surpass the children of the rich.
It’s us who can risk for anything, it is us who create all different tribes of odd jobs to survive on which the rich end up flourishing on by taxing us.

Actually, It’s the so-called rich people who have nurtured corrupt Moral-less children not even worth taking leadership positions because they are arrogant full of impunity, and lack creativity.

It’s the poor whose future needs securing as your campaign slogan went but your talk was an unfair revelation that all you meant was “Securing” the future of the minority few who have amassed massive wealth through fleecing the economy and the poor.

Your feeling that you have completed the division of the country between the rich and poor and it’s time to totally subdue the poor for the rich children is an unfortunate reminder of who you “fought” for and your statement “I’m not working for you Ugandans I’m working for my grandchildren” plus your campaigns slogan “Securing their future”

The word was “Teebereremu”

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