Tears as top Slay Queen conned UGX 6 million by Boyfriend

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Tears as sop Slay Queen conned UGX 6 million by Boyfriend.

Kampala Town is always full to capacity however this time around it was empty after an unidentified top slay queen lost her dear savings.

The Story

Hi Whisper Eye , My sister met a guy on FB in 2020 and they started chatting almost 24/7 until they met for the first time in February this year at a restaurant in town.

As they parted this handsome guy gave her 120k for Uber. She felt so loved and cared for. At that point, i was happy for her too. She gave in naturally after few weeks and she blessed him. She literally blessed him every weekend at some hotel.

My sister has always wanted to buy a car and she has been saving for it. So this past weekend she told her guy that she wanted to buy a car but she only had 6M and the car she wanted was 14M.

The guy agreed to top up the 8M and convinced my sister to come with money the following day so that he could add the remaining money and she gets the car.

The following day my sister woke up all excited and promised to surprise me later in the day. I didn’t know it was the day she was going to buy the car she had been saving for.

She met the guy in town and he took her out for lunch first before going to the car dealership. After their lunch. He took her for shopping at a high end clothes boutique. She was told to pick 3 dresses of her choice.

So she entered a small room where she tried few clothes, every time coming back to bae….asking…. “Bae how is this?” and the guy was like….”yeah you look wow”, then she would go back in to try another dress

All this time she had left this guy with her bag where the money was and phone. The third time she came out. The guy was not there. She looked around thinking maybe he was looking out for better dresses.

She enquired from the attendants who told her the guy had told them he wanted to withdraw some money from mobile money for the dresses and that he would be back shortly. She waited for about 10 minutes before deciding to call him

She checked the bag she had left with the guy to get her phone and call him and her world stopped instantly. She could feel every second that passed by. She went numb from head to toe. All the money and the phone were gone!

The guy had told him he stays with his mother at his home and that he wanted to take her to his place to see the Mom soon. And that’s why they were only meeting in hotels. My sister didn’t take it seriously because she already trusted him.

His phone number and Fb account all shut down. My sister lost her 6M and an iPhone plus other valuables. She came back home and has not left her room since then. She is so depressed!

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