Political Betrayal: NUP Jinja city Mayor dumps NUP councillors for NRM in new city executive

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By Whisper Eye Investigative Political Unit(WEIPU)

Jinja based comedian group Swengere executive director who was elected city Mayor Kasolo Peter Okocha has been widely criticized by his National Unity Platform party, NUP for appointing NRM councilors on his executive.

  • Political excitement: NUP Jinja city Mayor dumps NUP councilors for NRM in new city executive

Jinja City Mayor Kasolo Pet unveiled his executive which was approved by the council during a session that was held in the city chambers presided over by Speaker Mbayo Benard.

He appointed Kauma Fazira of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), a Female Councilor for the People With Disabilities (PWDs)

Secretary for Works and Natural Resources, Mayor Kasolo appointed Mbazira Richard also from the ruling party (NRM), Jinja South East Division Councilor.

Mr Kasolo awarded a consolation when he appointed National Unity Platform (NUP) councilor Shamirah Kaani as the secretary for Social Services, Environment, and Production, Female Councilor for Bugembe Town Council

NRM’s Wanyara Gishebi Twaha was appointed Secretary for Finance, Commerce, and Administration, direct Councillor for Budondo Sub-county.

Many opposition politicians have termed Mayor Kasolo’s act as political betrayal for awarding NRM councilors with big positions on his executive.

The 40-year-old Mayor is a resident of Buwekula village, Jinja North Division in Jinja City, is a radio presenter and comedian with Swengere, a Jinja-based popular comedy group, where he acts as ‘Baba Kasolo’ which made him more popular among his contestants in Jinja City mayor race.

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