Presidentt Museveni, Have the “Pigs” come to the Country again or the Country has gone to the ‘Pigs’?- Akampa

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Your Excellency, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, receive greetings from Kebisoni Town Council-Rukungiri District.
Well, the people in this District of Kigezi sub region are still in shock and grief over last Tuesday’s attempts to assassinate one of the most respected and disciplined career soldier and a minister- General Katumba Wamala.

The unfortunate still is that lives of his young Daughter and Driver were lost, may their souls Rest In Peace.

Mr President, several other incidents of assassinations have previously taken place in Uganda in the past years and all these incidents are still fresh on the minds of Ugandans.

Yesterday and today morning I was listening to an early morning programme called “omufuregye” on one of the leading radio stations here in Kigezi, where people from different parts of Kigezi are given air time to call and talk about issues of national concern, it is crystal clear that Ugandans are concerned about the increased cases of murders in the Country as well fire arms in private hands.

I am informed by one of my friends who is a security expert that some of these ammunitions are not the ordinary ones, but those of high calibre used by high ranking security details or operations.

Your Excellency, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has always boasted of ushering in peace and security for all Ugandans, the poor, the rich, educated and un educated, the moslem, Anglicans, Catholics and all other religious dominions or even all tribes and race.

Mr President, Now, What and how do we tell Ugandans that NRM is still in charge?🤷🏾‍♂️

All callers on this radio programme called condemning the murders but also castigating whether the NRM Government is still in charge of the security and peace for all Ugandans if high ranking personnel are being profiled and targeted by those bandits you have on several occasions referred to as “pigs”.

For us who are not high profile, abantu bawansi, we are getting to live in fear each and every day. It is worse for us who are below 40 years of age, the future is painted bleak! Especially that we are looking at the transition from you to another generational leader of the posterity Uganda.

“* Challenge of today need leaders of today not youth of yesterday”

Your Government has a lot of work to do in as far as restoring confidence in Citizens as well the trust for one another, the Ubuntu in Ugandans seems to as well be diminishing, poverty is on increase in most parts of the Country.

You need Cabinet Ministers who will work towards finding solutions to the common challenges for common Ugandans, not ministers who just want to sit in offices and be chauffeured in the latest state of art vehicles.
Actually to be honest with you, this term of office will not be an easy one. It is likely to be more bumpy!

Many Ugandans seem to be bleeding and boiling from the inside simply because service delivery seems to be declining further, poverty on increase, the unemployment question has been made worsened by COVID-19 and still biting further.

It is equally important that you should consider reducing on the number of Ministers or cutting down public adminstration expenditure would be so handy to restore hope and confidence not only in you as a person but also the NRM Government.

Ugandans now want action not words of the pigs will be dealt with. Who are these pigs? Have the pigs come to the Country Uganda, or Uganda has gone to the pigs?

For God & My Country Uganda.

AKAMPA Tanbull

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