Parliament should intervene into the crisis at LDC – Obedgiu Samuel

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The solution to the impunity going on at Law Development Centre-LDC , is amending the Law to dismantle the monopoly it has over training lawyers enrolling for the bar.

Because according facts findings, it appears that the institution has some lecturers who have grudges against students they teach which is of course unprofessional and unethical. These failure rates don’t surprise me.

Where you find that in a course attended by 1,400 students, only 200 students passed the examination. Meaning about 90% of the student who attended that class “Online ” failed , and only less than 10% passed.

To make matters worse, the rule has been made clear, a student will pay 1.5 million shillings per paper to resit . As if these guys want to keep the profession to them selves.

Law Development Centre and its director with the help of Linda Alinda – Ikanza introduced online classes, which Parliament of Uganda had stopped.

LDC in the face of Covid-19 Pandemic was behaving as though its students were in normal time. Rt Hon Jacob Oulanyah should work with the members of the 11th Parliament and dismantle this monopoly LDC has. Fire the director LDC

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