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Bobi Wine speaks out on police arresting ISO operatives over petrol bombs, coughs at Museveni

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Bobi Wine speaks out on police arresting ISO operatives over petrol bombs, coughs at Museveni . Whisper Eye News

National Unity Platform (NUP) president hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert a.k.a Bobi Wine laughs at president Museveni after police arrested ISO operatives among petrol bomb clique in Kampala.

Boda Boda rider killed after stabbing a Police Officer who impounded his motorcycle

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Boda Boda rider killed after stabbing a Police Officer who impounded his motorcycle. Whisper Eye News

The territorial police of Katwe are investigating cases of attempted murder and murder that took place yesterday 11th June 2021, evening.

It is alleged that Police Constable Menjah Ismail while on duty enforcing guidelines on curfew, he impounded a motorcycle registration number UDM 272M a roundabout at Kibuye.

Raila Odinga: Kenya cannot survive a supremacy war between it’s institutions

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One of the doctrines on which our constitutional order is built around is that of the “Separation of Powers.”

The doctrine requires that the executive, legislative and judicial functions of government are held by different institutions and that none of the institutions interferes with the function of the other.

Government sound tough on referrals of people for medical emergencies by district authorities

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Patients seeking referrals for medical treatment have been directed to reach out to government health facilities since they are the only right places to answer health-related questions.

President Museveni issued a directive to ban all inter-district movements during his June 6 nation address. The directive which was intended to combat the spread of covid19 came into force yesterday, June 11.

Please Mask Up, Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi to Ugandans

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Please Mask UP, Barbie Kyagulanyi to Ugandans

The Executive director of Caring Hearts Uganda and philanthropist Barbara Itungo Kyagulanyi has warned Ugandans to mask up in an attempt to fight the spread of the coronavirus in the county.

Mrs Kyagulanyi told Whisper Eye News, that everyone must put on a mask to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Just In: Rubaga Division Mayor NRM flagbearer Wilson Kabugo Succumbs to Covid19

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Rubaga Division Mayor NRM flagbearer Wilson Kabugo Succumbs to Covid19 . Whisper Eye Reports

Former Rubaga Division Mayor NRM flagbearer contender Mr Wilson Kabugo has been pronounced dead after a short illness.

Whisper Eye has learnt that the former two-terms Rubaga Mayorship contender who was defeated by Joyce Ssebugwawo in 2016 and also lost the NRM primaries to Hood Kaweesa in 2020 has succumbed to covid19.

Why Gen. Museveni keeps increasing budget ceiling every year however unrealistic it might be

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Mr. Lugolobi, as a delegate of MUSEVENI read the shs44.7 trillion budget for the 2021/2022 financial year. The reason Museveni Keeps increasing the budget ceiling, however unrealistic it might be, is because Museveni wants to keep on getting bigger supplementary budgets.

By Obedgiu Samuel
Deputy National Youths Coordinator and Regional Liaison Officer National Unity Platform Northern Uganda.

Under the law government can’t seek a supplementary from parliament that’s beyond 3% of the budget threshold. That’s why these budget thresholds will keep going up unrealistically, even at the time of distress like during covid.

The greatest share of resources is towards debt related payments, inclusive of domestic arrears at 38 per cent. Even before money goes to things like education and health and human capital development, 19% of the budget will go to debt refinancing (8.5 trillion), which is borrowing to pay debts the country has acquired on the public market through treasury bills and bonds.

5 trillion will go to paying interest on loans. Servicing debts accrued as a result of low absorption by ministries, departments and agencies is a wastage of resources. Parliament should not approve loans for ministries, departments and agencies that have absorption rates lower than 60 per cent at the time of the request.

According to data in the National Budget Framework Paper for Financial Year 2021/22, out of a Budget of Shs45.7 trillion, about 56 per cent of these collections will go towards external debt repayments, project support, domestic refinancing, arrears and recapitalisation, whatever these mean. Effectively then, only Shs20.9 trillion will be available for spending under the medium-term expenditure framework.

On the taxes, that are supposed to fund the budget, it’s interesting that Museveni added a 12% excise duty on concerting airtime to data. Yet the World Bank is giving them money to increase access to the internet
Beginning July 01, Internet users, motorists and consumers of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be required to dig deeper into their pockets to fund the national budget’s expenditure after Parliament on the last day of last month (April 30th) endorsed a range of government’s proposed taxes in a frantic move to raise revenue to fund its expenditure, some of which are wasted while others continue to remain questionable.

Under the Excise Duty Amendment Bill, 2021, that was endorsed by Parliament, Internet users will have to dig deep into their pockets to pay a 12 per cent levy on Internet bundles, even after the tax proposal was strongly opposed by the private sector let alone the civil society organisations.

Government’s assumption that the Shs100 increase on the fuel pump price will not distort the cost at which the final consumer purchases fuel is wrong, according to transporters. It is such view based on what the transport sector players describe as a result of shallow research that makes taxpayers to become skeptical of many tax proposals and measures fronted by the executive arm of government and endorsed by parliament-the other arm of parliament.

Save for the government’s penchant to overburden tax payers, it is not yet clear why tax on data bundles was passed despite opposition across several quarters.

All landlords will pay rental tax at same rate of 30 per cent.
The Bill proposes to increase the rental income tax rate for individuals from 20 per cent to 30 per cent, similar to that of non-individuals.

The catalytic events that forced a Transition in the Court of King David – Norbert Mao

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The catalytic events that forced a Transition in the Court of King David

Below is the extract from the Bible explaining my statement on catalytic actions and events.

Video: NUP’s Former President & founder Mzee Nkonge Kibalama in ICU at Bombo Hospital

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Video: NUP’s Former President & founder Mzee Nkonge Kibalama in ICU at Bombo Hospital. Whisper Eye News

National Unity Platform (NUP) founder and former president Mzee Moses Nkonge Kibalama is hospitalized in critical condition.

Mzee Kibalama is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Bombo Military Barracks after falling sick in the past three weeks.

Kampala’s wan base afrique audio-visual record label to take Africa by storm

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Kampala’s Wan Base Afrique Audiovisual record label to take on Africa by storm.

The brains behind East Africa’s latest and well-equipped Wan Base Afrique, an audio-visual production house and record label, reveal that they will build the outfit into more than just a record label.

Nestled in the leafy Kampala suburb of Naalya, Wan Base Afrique, will focus on facilitating artists to produce hit singles, collaborate on new releases, catalogue, brand partnerships, live and sync deals.

Digital Monitors & Gun Crimes, Mzee Tibuhaburwa Is Just Guessing Security Options – Muwada Nkunyingi

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In his budget speech, Mzei Tibuhaburwa more than 4 times echoed his delayed digital monitor proposal as a solution to gun crimes.

The public recall, years ago he cried out to camera installation as a remedy and excuse for security faults resulting in gun crimes. After a rigged election, he returns in 2021 now pursuing totally new rhetoric of digital monitors.

Ordinarily, in the entire electoral period, plain-clothed militants with guns could only be accounted for as covid measures. We have since insisted on the rule of law.

Bombo Military Barracks in panic as Bobi Wine visits sick Moses Kibalama

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Bombo Barracks in panic as Bobi Wine visits sick Moses Kibalama. Whisper Eye News

Kyadondo East Former MP Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Commonly known as Bobi Wine has visited ailing founder and former president of National Unity Platform (NUP) Mzee Moses Kibalama who has been admitted to Bombo military hospital.

Full Budget Speech for Financial Year 2021/22 delivered by Hon Amos Lugoloobi

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FULL BUDGET SPEECH for the FY 2021/22 under the theme: Industrialisation for Inclusive Growth, Employment and Wealth Creation. Delivered by Hon. Amos Lugoloobi.