Nakasongola Leaders Advocate For Construction of Mini Water Supply Schemes

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Local leaders and residents of Nakasongola district want the government to prioritize the construction of mini water supply schemes to address water scarcity in the area.    

There are over 470 boreholes, 164 valley dams and four mini water solar schemes in Nakasongola. The district also boasts of large sections of Lake Kyoga and river Kafu.

However, local leaders and residents say during the dry season, the boreholes and valley dams constructed by the government dry up leaving them without water.

In Lwabyata Sub County, only 37% of residents have access to clean water. Samuel Muruuli, a resident says a jerrycan of water often goes up to Shillings 700 in the dry season.

Residents have asked the government to prioritize the construction of mini water schemes to save them from the water scarcity during the prolonged dry seasons.

The district also loses over 100 head of cattle per year over lack of water and pasture. Sam Kigula, the LC 5 Chairperson of Nakasongola district, says that the mini water supply schemes can cover more villages compared to boreholes and valley dams. Kigula says that the few available mini-water schemes have proved resistant to the dry season and supply water all year.

Under the mini water scheme, a motorized borehole and a reservoir is constructed to distribute water to three or more points and ease pressure on other facilities. Ronald Kisakye, the Manager of National Water and Sewerage Corporation in Greater Luwero, says that Nakasongola district is set to get a the multibillion water project, which will greatly reduce water scarcity.

He explains that the water project that will be completed in 14 months will enable all trading centers along Lake Kyoga and highway to get piped water.

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