Exclusive: NUP founders to review memorandum of understanding with people power movement

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By Whisper Eye Investigative political Unit(WEIPU)

Breaking News: NUP founders to review the memorandum of understanding with People Power Movement. Whisper Eye News

National Unity Platform (NUP) party promoters have started a process of reviewing a memorandum of understanding signed between the party and People Power Movement headed by former president candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert also known as Bobi Wine.

While addressing a press conference in Kampala today, NUP Senior Administrative Secretary Mr Simbwa Paul Kagombe who is also among the founders told the press that they are looking forward to implement the original party constitution to liberate the country.

Mr Simbwa said that in the Memorandum of understanding signed with People Power Movement, there are many things that the top party leadership has failed to implement which must be considered.

“There are few people about three led by David Luis Rukiri popularly known as Rubongoya who are personalizing the party. We started this party for everybody to join hands to liberate the country,” says Mr Kagombe.

“Our party has a constitution which must be followed, no one is above the party constitution. Even if Mr Moses Nkonge Kibalama who is our first president nor hon Kyagulanyi,” he explained.

According to Mr Kagombe they have instructed their lawyers to review this memorandum of understanding and advise them on legal proceedings.

The memorandum of understanding on Whisper Eye desk was drafted on 10th July, 2020, and signed the following day on 11th July, 2020, by David Luis Rukiri a.k.a Rubongoya on behalf of People Power Movement and Mr Moses Nkoge Kibalama on behalf of National Unity Platform (NUP).

We shall keep you updated on this new developing story.

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