Erias Lukwago to Museveni, Dont frustrate my efforts to transform Kampala

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The City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago is skeptical that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni shall respect elected leaders in Kampala and not frustrate their efforts to transform the City simply because they subscribe to opposition political parties.

Lukwago was giving his inaugural speech after taking over office of the Lord Mayor for his third term at City Hall Wednesday afternoon.

He said there is a tendency for Central government to suppress efforts of elected leaders to serve their people simply because they subscribe to the opposition.

In the previous election, members of the opposition were voted overwhelmingly into positions at KCCA. Out of the 54 councilors, 44 are from the opposition, one independent and nine from the ruling National Resistance Movement- NRM party.

Lukwago asked central government and specifically President Museveni to respect the will of the people and hence respect and work with the political leadership at KCCA without bias.

The City Lord Mayor also told the new team of councilors to have mutual respect. Lukwago told them to get familiar with their mandate and “stay in their lane”. He says previously he has been engaged in fights with Councilors who over stepped their mandate. 

Lukwago, who spoke with authority told councilors that he has been at KCCA longer and that when rubbed the wrong way, he can react tough.

There is pessimism in the public over the relationship Lukwago is likely to have with the current Council dominated by the National Unity Platform-NUP, a party with 41 out of the 54 Councilors. 

Lukwago, a member of Forum for Democratic Change-FDC, has only three councilors from his party. But the City Lord Mayor says all councilors are colleagues and hopes they shall respect each other and stick to their mandate.

Lukwago crowed the swearing-in ceremony today at City Hall where a total of 53 councilors were sworn in.  James Mubiru, the Lubaga North could not be sworn in since he is still on remand. He was arrested and charged in March 2021 for unauthorized wearing of a uniform that is preserved for the armed forces.

A number of councilors who were sworn told Uganda Radio Network (URN) that they will use their mandate to draft policies and ordinances that will solve the garbage challenge in Kampala and also advocate for a bigger budget for KCCA.

Julius Kateregga, the councilor representing Kawempe South says since the authority contracted private companies to collect garbage, waste management in the City has worsened with a lot of poor garbage disposal. Kateregga says lack of a clear garbage collection system in the city has worsened the challenge of poor garbage disposal something that has an effect on the drainage system.

Fausta Butaano, the Woman councilor for Makindye West III also says KCCA needs to draft policies for better garbage management in the City.  She also adds that council should fight for rights of the urban poor and seek to advance the working condition of small business owners and quality of life of low income earners.

Having sworn in today, councilors are expected to have their first sitting on June 1st  during which they shall vote for a speaker and deputy speaker of the Council.

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