Tears: Bobi Wine mourns murdered bodyguard, asks supporters to be careful

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Tears: Bobi Wine mourns murdered bodyguard, asks supporters to be careful. Whisper Eye News

Former presidential candidate and the president of Uganda’s opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert popularly known as Bobi Wine has asked his supporters to be vigilant and remain calm after the murder of his body guard Daniel Apedeli.

Mr Apedeli (deceased) also known as Number 1 was murdered by unknown assailants and the body was found at Mulago hospital Kampala mortuary.

He was laid to rest in his home district of Kumi.

Apedeli was part of NUP security team and has been a very reliable comrade according to Mr Wine.

Reliable source told Whisper Eye News that Mr Apedeli was being constantly trailed to a point of not staying at his home many times.

“He spoke to several comrades of how he had been approached and requested to work with the regime, but he turned down the offer,” says Bobi Wine.

“As always, they told him to expect consequences,” Mr Wine stated.

Mr Wine Pop music star turned politician has asked his supporters to be vigilant as they continue to fight the current regime.

“I request all of you comrades to be very careful knowing that we are dealing with a criminal regime and indeed they are very scared and would want to eliminate the threat we pose to them by eliminating us,” he stated.

“Like I have encouraged you in the past, it is important to always move with a friend, especially at night, so that if anything happens to you, the nation can quickly get to know and our teams take whatever action is necessary,” Mr Wine explained.

Just weeks after president Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhabulwa Museveni sworn in as Uganda’s president for the seventh time since 1986 he took over power after a successful Luwero bush war, NUP leadership claims that party members are still abducted by security officials.

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