Hon Kadaga standing for speakership as an Independent candidate is healthy for Uganda’s democracy- Akampa

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Many Ugandans and Members of the 11th Parliament who support Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga have been greatly hurt by the unfair treatment mounted on our beloved Candidate for speaker.
Where as some sections of Ugandans are looking at the coming of Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga as an independent candidate for speakership as a suicidal mission, I see it as an opportunity for us to know how independent our Members of Parliament and the true/real composition of 11th Parliament.

It is also healthy for our growing democracy as well it puts NRM on a test, which test NRM Central executive committee CEC has failed!

How could they (CEC) take a very unpopular decision of not sending all the candidates standing for speaker and deputy speaker to caucus? What influenced CEC to take this suicidal decision? Why send on deputies to caucus?
Why fail to listen to Hon Rebecca Kadaga?

Kadaga coming as an independent candidate is a fair deal and it will either inform NRM on the new sense of direction to take, give us lessons and experiences that would be avoidable in the future.

Let all member of the 11th Parliament stand on the ground and support Rt Hon Kadaga and not allow to be intimidated since it is going to be secret ballot voting.

I stand to challenge the status quo and therefore I challenge the decision that CEC took today. It never gave Hon Rebecca Kadaga a fair hearing, therefore, let this be settled in the first sitting of the 11th Parliament on Monday.

A better democratic Uganda is still possible.

For God and My Country.

AKAMPA Tanbull

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