Soroti East Division Mayor dragged from home to take Oath

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The Mayor of Soroti East Division Paul Omer was this afternoon forced to take oaths after attempting to boycott the swearing-in ceremony for the Soroti City Mayor and Division Mayors. Omer, who has been the Interim City Mayor of Soroti was elected East Division Mayor after failing to meet the academic qualifications for the City Mayors’ position.

On Tuesday morning, Omer briefly appeared at the Mayor’s Garden where the swearing-in ceremony was taking place but abandoned the venue before the administration of oaths and returned to his home in Akisim. The organisers of the event presided over by Soroti Chief Magistrate Margret Aanyu were taken by surprise when they learnt that Omer had boycotted the function.

When his name was called severally with no response, the Resident City Commissioner, Robert Adiama and the Acting City Clerk Moses Otimong and Police Officers mounted a search for him. The team later returned with Omer ad held him until his oath was were administered. He later told URN that he had not been officially invited to the function.

But the acting City Clerk Moses Otimong refuted the claim and said that Omer was invited like any other elected leader to the function. The two leaders have been bickering over administration and political issues since last year with each person accusing the other of usurping their duties.

The RCC Robert Adiama asked Omer and Otimong to put aside personal issues and focus on development, and later told our reporter that Soroti City issues will be settled once the elected leaders assume offices.

Those who were sworn-in today include Soroti City Mayor, Joshua Edogu, James Emaru of Soroti City West Division, as well as Soroti District Chairperson Simon Peter Edoru Ekuu and his councillors. The function presided over by Soroti Chief Magistrate, Margret Aanyu also saw the election of Juliet Agonyo as City Council Speaker.

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