Towards the doctrine of indulgence – Kaweesa Keefa

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It is a fact that Museveni has taken oath. Many negative forces had predicted  the contrary.”tajakulayila” as its easy to craft a slung especially within the musical and comical world .What has also been confirmed is that the term for Parliament is also over. It means that the speaker, deputy speaker, commissioners terms have ended.What is still in doubt is whether ministers ,minister of state are still in office ? On one hand,they are still ministers until the appointing authority says so however,on the other hand, at public law, they do not qualify to be ministers.

Likewise, Idd el fitri was celebrated all over the country and three loud appeals came through loud and clear .One was a request demand that M7 appoints muslims to the cabinet. Fair enough. It just confirms that the national cake should be shared appropriately but not equally. The issue is whether the elected legislator belongs to the majority party as a request could have been made without having taken due regard to the representation. The second voice was the operationalization of the islamic banking. Straight forward voice. In order to revolutionalize the trade and commercial sector and to regulate corruption,there is a need to bring in the islamic banking.This is a banking which in principle, does not ask for interest.

 A third voice was the release of those who had been imprisoned for political violence related cases . Just fair enough ,however how many times have those making the requests talked to the youth to avoid clashes and confrontations with police or military during elections? How many times have these leaders preached to the youth to shy away from politics of confrontation?  How many times have these leaders and the like penned  the authorities that they had advised youth leadership ? Why can’t everyone suffer for his own sins ‘ Ezekiel 18 ‘ .However, the doctrine of indulgence stems from a belief that forgiveness of sin differs from punishment for sin.This means that this next episode “kisanja” will be a replica of the past ” kisanja hakuna muchezo”. Short of that,it not over until it is over.

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